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Alphabetic Soccer Drills

The running, movements, turnings a player is making in the pitch look sometimes as alphabetic letters. That was the reason I started creating alphabetic soccer drills when I was a young midfielder.

Continue reading "Alphabetic Soccer Drills"

Soccer Background

Your soccer background or soccer history describes your journey as a soccer player. It presents the key moments of your soccer career. Take time to well present it to coaches and recruiters.

Continue reading "Soccer Background"

Soccer Cover Letter

Soccer cover letter is the first part of your soccer portfolio. It introduces you to soccer coaches and teams and explains your interest in their soccer program.

Continue reading "Soccer Cover Letter"

Soccer Portfolio

Soccer portfolio can help you in different ways. You can use it to apply for soccer scholarship, tryouts, and soccer camps, contacts with coaches, recruiters, and soccer agents.

Continue reading "Soccer Portfolio"

History About Soccer

History about soccer can be traced from various parts of the world. Let’s review it through the following continents: Asia, Europe, Americas, and Africa.

Continue reading "History About Soccer"

Who Invented Soccer?

Who invented soccer is a tricky question for young soccer players. The invention of soccer comes from a long evolving process of various games from different cultures and civilizations worldwide.

Continue reading "Who Invented Soccer?"

Interesting Facts About Soccer

Some interesting facts about soccer should be known by young soccer players. What are the five biggest soccer stadiums in the world in term of capacity?

Continue reading "Interesting Facts About Soccer"

Facts About Soccer For Kids

Learning facts about soccer for kids can be fun and helpful. Do you really know the soccer field dimensions per age level? How about the ball sizes and number of players per field dimensions?

Continue reading "Facts About Soccer For Kids"

Youth Soccer Speed Training

Youth soccer speed training makes a difference between the best and average players. It is powerful tool to beat your opponents. It requires quickness of thoughts and acts.

Continue reading "Youth Soccer Speed Training"

Soccer Training Types

Soccer training types can enhance your skills and talents. Such trainings prove to be an essential factor to help you realize your dream of becoming a soccer superstar.

Continue reading "Soccer Training Types"

Youth Soccer Training Videos

Youth soccer training videos are multipurpose tools in modern soccer. Both coaches and players are the main users. These videos are training, review, highlight, marketing, learning tools.

Continue reading "Youth Soccer Training Videos"

Youth Soccer Fitness Training

Youth soccer fitness training is under your power. You can control and do it yourself. It helps with stamina, speed, muscular strength, flexibility and agility. Use a mixture of workouts.

Continue reading "Youth Soccer Fitness Training"

Soccer Talent and Music

She is an amazing soccer talent and music. She is young and talented. She plays soccer, guitar, and write her own songs. This is an inspiring story for young soccer players and Indies artists.

Continue reading "Soccer Talent and Music"

Soccer Resources: Useful Links

Find useful links to other sites we think maybe helpful for your soccer career. These are selected sites, with valuable information, and a good reputation on the Internet and particularly in soccer.

Continue reading "Soccer Resources: Useful Links"

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