How to Write Your Soccer Cover Letter

Soccer cover letter is the first part of your soccer portfolio. It introduces you to soccer coaches and teams and explains your interest in their soccer program.

It highlights your soccer status, athletics strengths, and academics achievements. Keep it short, concise and clear. It should be an invitation to dig deep into your soccer portfolio.

My cover letter was short. I sent it to professional soccer teams in Europe. It was an invitation to learn more about me. Let me share with you what contact information to include in a soccer cover letter.

Soccer Cover Letter introduces your Soccer Portfolio

Soccer contact information 

Your contact information should include your full name, home address to receive mails from coaches. You must add your home phone number and a secondary phone such as your mobile.

I advise you to add your parents or guardians’ names. Do not take a chance to miss a soccer coach’s call. Inform your parents and guardians that you expect to receive phone calls from soccer coaches.

Remember to write your current email address. Instead of giving you a phone call, coaches will contact you by email. Be mindful to check your email and junk mail daily.

Coaches would like to know your age. Follow your email address by your date of birth. It gives a soccer coach the opportunity to know you better from the beginning of your cover letter.

My contact information was different. I did not have a phone number or Internet at that time. The only way to communicate with soccer team was by mail. My contact consisted of my full name and P.O. Box.

Soccer Cover Letter Introduction

Start your cover letter by calling the last name of the coach, recruiter, etc. It is not only a sign of respect, but it also creates a great feeling from the person who will receive your letter.

Introduce yourself to the soccer coach. Explain why you are contacting them. This is a good place to give the reason why you are a best fit for their soccer program or team.

This is a key paragraph of your soccer cover letter. Remember it is also the first part of your soccer portfolio. The introduction should invite soccer coaches to read your portfolio.

Soccer Highlights

It is a great idea to highlight your soccer status and strengths. Tell them what makes you different from other players. Your current soccer status, position, and strengths are good enough.

Would you like to maximize your recruiting chances? Then include a link of your soccer video. First upload your video to a video hosting site such as Youtube. Just add the link afterward.

Coaches would like to see what you can do. Getting theme excited about your skills through a video is your first step of getting recruited. Make sure you follow the right steps to create your soccer video.

Academics Achievements

If you are a student, present to coaches your academic achievements.  College coaches are not just interested in your athletic aptitudes. They want to know if you are a good student too.

Your academics show them you are a hard worker. You can easily handle the workload of a soccer program and school assignments.  Good grades will put you one step ahead of other potential players.

Summarize your academics such as your grade point average (GPA), testing scores (SAT, ACT), honors, extracurricular activities.  It shows that you are a laborious student athlete.  Keep your academic achievements short.

Soccer Cover Letter Closing

In your closing paragraph, be thankful and grateful to coaches for taking time to read your letter. Show them how excited you remain about their soccer program or team.

You can ask for more information about the soccer program or team. Explain the type of additional information or documentation you need to better learn about the program or team.

Close your letter with a reverential statement. Formal cover letters use expression such as “Sincerely” follow by your name. Sign your letter before mailing it. Make it look nice and simple.

Be advised to sign your letter by handwriting. Not signing can make it unofficial.

Additional Soccer Information

Some candidates will add a summary of their soccer portfolio to their cover letter. The next paragraph after the signature of your letter will include measurable statistics such as height, weight, position, events, etc. 

You may add a list of your upcoming competitions. Add event, the location, and date. This insight will help the coach to make rapidly his mind if you can come and watch you live.

Soccer Cover Letter exposes your Portfolio

You may also include your soccer statistics. A table will present games played, goals scored, time spends in the pitch, different positions occupied, and other relevant and personal soccer data.

Give the contact information of your current coach. They may contact him to learn about you. If you are a student, include your high school or college contact information. 

Additional information allows coaches and teams to have a great picture of you. before even digging into your soccer portfolio. It is optional to your soccer cover letter.

For any help about creating your soccer cover letter or soccer portfolio, register and contact me.

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