List of Fundraising Ideas
For Your Soccer Team

A good list of fundraising ideas should be of prime importance to every youth soccer team. I was a young player and money was the key issue for the soccer team I played for.

I remember working in my uncle farm with my cousin Emma to fund the first edition of the youth championship league I created. Since then things have change positively.

Struggling to fund your soccer team? No worry. I’m here to help you. Discover a selected list of fundraising ideas you can use for your team.

Products Sales fundraising ideas

These are the best fundraising ideas for kids. They can also involve coaches, parents, volunteers and reinforce the soccer team building spirit.

Products sales can be done by selling logo T-shirt of your team, $1 candy bar, cookie dough, popcorn, home made lemonade juice, flowers sale, meal tickets, discount gift cards, scratch card, custom Scarves, specialized soccer gifts, etc.

Soccer and Fundraising Ideas

Green Fundraising Ideas

Team activities and fundraising ideas can also promote green ideas within the community. Some green ideas you can explore are: natural food products, fresh fruits and vegetables, all natural healthy juice, recycle shopping bags, spring/fall flowers, seed kits, green t-shirts, etc.

These green fundraising ideas will vehicle a positive message within the community. It will create a strong bound between your soccer team and the whole community.

Special Fundraising Events Ideas

This can be done by organizing soccer trophy evening, soccer party, soccer ball cake, soccer raffles, soccer movies, car wash, dinners, etc.

To be successful, these events should include the players, coaches, parents, volunteers, sponsors, local companies that may support your team.

Online Fundraising Ideas

Online fundraising can be done through your soccer team site. Set up a webpage just for the Fundraising campaign. You can then sale other companies’ items and gain a percentage. You can also sale personalized soccer gifts with your team logo. You can set up a pay pal button and just ask for donations to support your team.

Online fundraising events require lot of promotion. Create a link of your webpage and send it by email to your players and parents. Ask them to promote the campaign in their personal social network pages like facebook, tweeter, youtube, etc. Ask your volunteer team to do the same.

Throughout the year and each season, your soccer team needs a great deal of finances to support its activities: equipment, transportation, insurance, food, etc. There is no reason to worry about funding these expenses.

Work as a team by involving players, coaches, parents, volunteers, etc. Use our list of fundraising ideas and start raising the funds you will need for your soccer team.

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