World of Funny Soccer Moments!

Funny soccer moments bring smiles to a sport that can definitely be guilty of taking itself too seriously.

Whether you're watching a match live in the stadium, a soccer parent who goes to your kid's games and training, or just an armchair fan, there are no end of ways to see the funny side of soccer.

Funny Soccer Videos

A rich vein of humor can be found on the social video sharing networks, like YouTube. A search reveals more than 350,000 funny videos about soccer.

You'll have to decide for yourself whether the soccer bloopers by over-paid professional players, or amateurs who play for fun, are more funny to watch.

Some are really painful to watch: a soccer ball kicked hard into the face, or other, more tender areas, can really sting!

As a kid, I played in goal, and it's tough (but funny) to watch a goalkeeper do something really dumb that give a goal to the other team.

Finally, you'll see those embarrassing moments (the most famous being Rivaldo for Brazil) when pro players feign injury, head-butts, or dive to try to fool the referee into giving a penalty, or sending off another player.

Funny Soccer

Soccer Bloopers

Poor soccer players! Now not only does every professional game have dozens of cameras, behind, above, even inside the goals and all over the ground, but moms and dads have their own smart phones and digital cameras capable of recording every moment of action.

The best bloopers are those fun times when a striker looks 100 percent sure of scoring a goal, but somehow manages to miss from right in front of the goalpost.

Then there are bloopers when a goal is scored, but there is a hole in the net, or the ball rebounds from an advertising board just behind the goal, and the referee does not award it. Plus the famous moments when the ball bounces down across the line, but it happens so fast that the “goal” is not seen.

Perhaps the funniest bloopers involve people not actually playing. Moments when the coaches forget they are on camera (like Lowe's infamous nose-picking video), funny fans running naked across the pitch, dogs and birds stopping play, and more.

Funny Poems about Soccer

Soccer has inspired many novels and some poetry over the years, but perhaps the most obvious examples of funny poems about soccer come from the stadiums.

Fans who are regular supporters of their team invent chants, group songs designed to celebrate their heroes, make fun of them, or irritate opposition players.

The chants sometimes highlight less savory moments in a professional player's private life, as reported in the tabloid newspapers...

"Bernt Haas! I've gone and Bernt my Haas. I've gone and Bernt my Haas. I've gone and Bernt my Haas. Bernt Haas..."

"When you're sat in row Z, and the ball hits your head, that's Zamora, that's Zamora."

Funny Soccer Goalkeeper

"You better watch out, you better beware, he’s good on the ground and he’s good in the air, Santa Cruz is coming to town"

Click here for more soccer poems.

Best Funny Soccer Jokes

Whenever a sport captivates the public consciousness, people will come up with jokes about it to tell one another in the bar after the game.

We've worked hard to collect the world's best jokes about soccer. But for sure, there are more we haven't heard.

You can use our soccer jokes page to send us your favorite jokes, using our simple sharing form. When you laugh, the world laughs with you!

Great Soccer Quotes

As Bill Shankly famously said: “Some people believe soccer is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

There are dozens of great and funny quotes about soccer. If it truly is the “beautiful game”, then some beautiful minds have come up with sayings that fans have passed from one to another and down through generations.

There are many funny soccer quotes. We have collected lots for you here. Be sure to share others you have heard or read.

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