How to Build a
Professional Soccer Portfolio

Soccer portfolio can help you in different ways. You can use it to apply for soccer scholarship, tryouts, and soccer camps, contacts with coaches, recruiters, and soccer agents. This is your best tool to get discovered. 

As a young soccer player, I used soccer portfolio to contact professional teams in Europe. I was playing at a semi professional level in Cameroon. My goal was to play at a professional level.

The responses were astonishing. Most European professional teams answered back to me. Would you like to learn how to create yours? Let me share with you my experience.

Purpose of Soccer Portfolio

It  presents your soccer background and performances. It describes your past soccer accomplishments, progress, and potential. Students can add academic achievements.  

Mine was only about soccer. I presented my expectations, past soccer teams, periods I played with each team, goals scored, positions, athletic performances, etc.

It is for your best interest to know how to build this tool. You should know its key components. Let’s review them.

Soccer Portfolio

Components of Soccer Portfolio

Soccer Cover Letter: It introduces you in  a formal manner. Soccer cover letter presents your expectations, what you are hoping and looking for in your portfolio.

You may ask questions to better know the soccer team, the recruiting process, and its training program. You can request information about the soccer scholarship. All depends of the topic addressed in the portfolio.

The cover letter can really make a difference between you and other applicants. Therefore, take time to well craft your letter. Let me show you how to write a soccer cover letter.

Soccer  background: Also called soccer history, it presents your past achievements in soccer. Do not forget to include your contact information.

Describe your soccer history starting with the current soccer team. Then list your past soccer tournaments, camps, teams, etc. All significant soccer experiences should be included here.

Soccer Background is part of Soccer Portfolio

If you are a student, I advise you to add your academic achievements. Coaches need both great students and talented athletes. Include your GPA, and testing scores. See how to present a soccer background.

Soccer video:This is a great addition to your portfolio. Recruiters would like to see you in action. The soccer video will increase their interest to come and watch you live.

Include footage of your best soccer games and training sessions. The video should be short and of high quality. Make it simple and appealing. 

My portfolio didn’t have a video. I used instead pictures from my soccer games and trainings session. Find more information on how to create your soccer video.

Soccer Performance Sheet: Some teams are looking for players to fill in specific positions. It is important for potential applicants to keep a soccer performance sheet.

The sheet includes data about your soccer speed training, soccer strength training, soccer fitness training, endurance, etc. Young player should take seriously this performance sheet. It can make a big difference between players during the recruiting process.

The sheet can also help you to monitor your progress. I advise you not to adorn your data. You can fake on a paper. You will always be judged in the pitch. See how to present your soccer performance sheet.

Soccer Portrait: A picture speaks a thousand words right?  Therefore, it is important to add one or two in your portfolio. This is a way to show your face and personality.

Your soccer picture must be a full size-body.  Try to find one of your best action-picture during a game or practice. It will attract easily interest from coaches receiving your portfolio.

You can also add a casual picture. Make sure it presents your face with a big smile. It should be in color and full body. Learn how to present your soccer portrait.

Soccer Portfolio: Your Best Tool to Get Discovered

This is your best tool to get discovered. It is a multipurpose tool. Use it intensively to apply for tryouts, soccer scholarship, and soccer camps. Introduce yourself to coaches, agents, recruiters by sending them your portfolio.

Here is a real story about soccer portfolio. One of my friends went to a tryout to Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands. He was coming from Liberia, Africa. The day of the tryout, the coach asked for his portfolio. He didn’t have one. He wasn’t allowed to enter the pitch. 

This is how important a portfolio can be for young soccer players. Keep up-to-date information about your soccer career. As time goes, you can build yours.

If you need any help, please contact me to create your a professional soccer portfolio.

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