Soccer Tricks
To Stand Out During a Game

Have you ever thought to learn soccer tricks? They can really make a difference in your game in matter of seconds. This is a powerful tool for young players to stand out and shine during a soccer match.

They require hours of practice, flexibility, quick thinking, mental toughness, use of all your body to be properly executed. A player who uses these tricks becomes a master of ball control. Remember that if you can control the ball, you can control the game and decide when to store a goal.

I personally learned and used them when I was a young player. These tricks are not only about me. Reason why I share them with you. I can assure that, when well executed, these tricks make a tremendous difference during the game.

Soccer Tricks for Youth

I recommend young players to start with the basic tricks. This will give you confidence to practice more complicated tricks. Here are my favorite soccer tricks.

Ball juggling. I always consider ball juggling the basic of all soccer tricks. It involves stall tricks and air tricks. A stall trick is keeping the ball on the body of the player. An air trick is hitting the ball and sending it to the air with a part of the body. Any player can use them.

Juggling involves feet, thigh, chest, head, etc. Players display different techniques and moves while juggling the ball. It becomes even interesting and fun off game. It gives a player an edge to control and own the ball. Learn step by step ball juggling.

Fake control move.This is a less known but really effective trick. As a midfielder, I used it during the games to give advantage of ball control to my teammates. It is an elegant and smart trick.

You perform it by running towards the ball and taking with you all the opponents’ players around you. The trick here is that you don’t touch the ball. You let it pass through your feet while your teammate receives it behind you. This trick is good for strikers and midfielders. Learn how to execute the fake control move.

The hook protection. I also used this trick intensively during my soccer career. It keeps the fans screaming as you send off your opponent. It can be executed by both feet and by defenders, midfielders, and strikers.

You are running and controlling the ball a bit faster. Suddenly, you stop the ball with your inside right foot as you’re turning to your left side. You can create a series of hooks to fool your opponent and serve the ball to your teammate. Find the details of the hook protection.

Youth Soccer Tricks

Sombrero or small bridge. This is a trick for striker when they would like to score a goal. It gives you the advantage to dribble the defender and recover the ball behind him.

Perform this trick when a defender is running towards you with speed. Just send the ball over his head tracing a small curve (sombrero or small bridge). Then run on his side to receive the ball after him. More details about sombrero or small bridge.

Bicycle or scissor kick. This is a powerful striker trick to score a goal elegantly. This move has created legendary goals in soccer history.

It is done by jumping to the air, while your body is parallel to the ground. Flip the ball backward over your head and luckily it will land in the net of your opponent. Learn how to perform the bicycle kick in 4 easy steps.

Great players are not made overnight. To perform these tricks require a great deal of dedication, hard work, and practice. Take time to work daily and intensively on these tricks. The benefits are limitless for you and your team. See you in the pitch with the best trick ever…

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What Is Your Best Soccer Trick So Far?

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