Master the Rules of
Soccer and Shine

Knowledge of the rules of soccer is extremely important for young players. Do you know playing smart in the field is about knowing these rules?

I learned it the hard way and a bit late during my soccer career. This happens to young soccer players around the world, and here to help you.

Most young soccer players across the world focus on developing their soccer skills and talents. It happens to those with poor soccer resources, environment, and training.

Their only passion is to kick, master, and play with the ball. They grow in their soccer careers without a clear understanding of the laws of game.

As they become good in the field, it is confusing, even complicated to understand when a player is outside position. They try to figure out what an indirect free kick is.

They are totally unaware of the existing rules applied in youth soccer, high school soccer, and international and world cup soccer. These are FIFA soccer rules and specific soccer rules.

I was there, and I learned the hard way. When I was playing soccer, I did not have access to the Internet. I had no TV.

The only means of information and communication were radio stations and newspapers. You wonder then, how did I learn?

Rules of Soccer should be respected in the pitch

What I Did Then...

One day, my dad told me: "A farmer can't go to the farm without his work tools, just as a mason can't build a wall without his trowel or metal spatula."

This wisdom is true for young soccer players today. You can't really play soccer well without learning the rules of soccer.

In my specific case, the first thing I did was to learn the basic rules of soccer. You can't avoid them, but you must master them. I read lot sport books and soccer magazines in order to understand the rules.

Most importantly, I learned by watching live soccer matches in the stadium. My focus was on the referee, to understand why he whistled in any particular situation.

As I moved up the ladder in my soccer career, some rules become clearer to me. I was able to seek additional information from coaches, and teammates. I wrote letters to ask questions to some of the best soccer radio chroniclers.

My path of learning was not conventional. It was slow, difficult, self-searching and self-learning. With today’s technology, young soccer players have and advantage I did not have.

... And What You Can Do Today!

Young soccer players must ask this specific question: what should I know to become the best player in the field? You need to learn the basics first; I mean the fundamentals of the game.

You should master the seventeen rules of soccer. Stay one step ahead of your teammates and opponents. It is vital and crucial for your soccer career.

When you are in junior high, learn the high school soccer rules. This will help you when you get there. Search and understand what rules are being applied in college soccer when you are still in high school.

Since your goal is to become a professional soccer player, when in high school or college, start learning about international and World Cup rules.

Here are a few ways to learn: youngsters’ soccer books, audio tapes, videos, live soccer games in the stadium, on TV, questions to teammates and coaches.

Use the Internet to read reliable sites. You can even use your cell phone to record and listen to the rules of game. Use social media to share and master the rules. Participate in soccer forums discussions, etc.

Like a fisherman uses his nets to capture fish, young soccer players should use the rules to become great players. This is just one step to becoming a professional soccer player.

Learn the rules of game. Apply them during your soccer training. Use them effectively during your soccer games to stand out from the average player. This is how you will shine in the pitch.

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