What Type of Soccer Training Equipment Do I need?

What type of soccer training equipment do I need to perform well? Young players should ask this question before choosing their soccer equipment. The equipment you choose is an important choice; it should allow you to perform at your best and protect yourself from injuries and annoyances.

I was not able to choose from the best equipment. I started playing soccer on the street in my bare feet. The green lime was my ball and we used two stones as our goalpost. Today’s young players should have the right training equipment from the beginning.

A variety of training items exist for players and coaches as well. Other trainings tools are designed for the field of play. Here is what you need to perform at your best.

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Soccer Training Equipment for Players

Your training equipment should optimize your performance to its best. The basics you will need are:

- 1 shirt or jersey
- 1 short
- 1 soccer ball of your age level
- 1 pair of long socks
- 1 pair of shin guards
- 1 pair of running shoes
- 1 pair of rubber cleat for outdoor training
- 1 pair of tennis shoes for indoor training
- 1 sport backpack
- 1 headphone with music to relax
- 10 cones for individual training
- 1 pair of gloves for goalkeeper
- 1 hip pad for goalkeeper
- 1 brighter uniform for goalkeeper

Stick to this basic list of items and even double or triple each one if possible. The goal is to put in hours of training to become a great player. I always played in lighter soccer equipment. I recommend doing the same, because you feel great and are lighter on your feet during training and the game.

You may not find the right equipment you are looking for in your local sporting store. Try looking for them online. Major soccer brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, and others offer online discounts for soccer gear. Your coach will need specific training tools.

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Training Equipment for Coaches

Coaches should prepare their equipment ahead of the session. They need the following items: pen and notebook, watch and stopwatch, whistle, plastic cones, plastic disks and training bibs.

They will need rebounders’ nets, small portable goals, arches, grids, coaching sticks, ladders rings, hurdles, and anything related to the different drills. They may also need a video camera to tape the training and share and analyze it with the players.

A good coach cannot perform alone. He needs one or two assistants to help during training. This is important when working with small groups of players. Although a professional may have more fancy training equipment, the list provided here depicts the basic training tools needed for a coach.

Do not forget that the soccer ball, the goal post, and the field sizes are determined according to age level. Make sure you choose the right soccer training equipment so players can perform at their peak and become professional soccer players.

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