Important Steps to Getting
Soccer Scholarships

Soccer Scholarships can help you to take your soccer career to the next level. Young players around the world will do anything possible to get a soccer scholarship. They know that this is the best way to play collegiate soccer and get discovered.

This is true for most high school graduates. The same reality goes for youths not attending school and looking for soccer camps. All are looking for a new stage and a new team to move their soccer career forward.

It is wise to follow college soccer recruiting. Soccer coaches at these institutions prefer that the applicants contact them directly. If you want to increase your chances of being considered, follow these steps.

Soccer Scholarship Funding

Start your search earlier. If you are in high school, start contacting coaches right after your first season. Send them the stats of your first season. Show your desire and passion to be part of their team.

Build a realistic list of potential colleges. You have thousands of colleges from which to choose. Think about the following points while building your list: college location, your major, the tuition, their soccer team, the living environment, etc. Start with a big list and then eventually narrow it down in time.

Contact soccer coaches of the selected colleges. You have your list now don’t wait to start contacting the coaches. If you are student, register and create a soccer profile on their college site. Send them your soccer background a soccer recruiting resume with a powerful video highlighting your games and practices.

For non-student young players, build a convincing soccer portfolio that includes a powerful video. This is a great way to showcase your talents and to attend various soccer camps across the world. I used it when I was a young player. It works tremendously.

Follow up on your applications. You need to learn how to communicate effectively with coaches. Call them on the phone if you don’t hear from them. Respond to their emails promptly. Avoid sending text messages to coaches. Doing that you may not hear from them for good.

Always be ready for questions that they may throw at you. Be prepared with your answers. Learn about their soccer program and have them answer your questions too. Keep in permanent contact with coaches.

Learn about soccer scholarships rules. For young soccer players in the US and Canada, make sure you register at NCAA and NAIA. It helps to be cleared for your eligibility. These are two governing bodies organizing athletics programs in the US and Canada. Make sure you read their Guide for College Bound Student-Athlete.

For young soccer players outside the US and Canada, my advice is to contact directly college coaches where they would like to play. Find out what criteria are relevant to the soccer scholarships you are applying for.

Find out the academic requirements. Learn about the required exams and the minimum scores. Some exams are: SAT, SAT II, ACT, TOEFL, etc. Be aware of the basic requirements: graduate from high school, what the minimum grade point average is, what core classes are required, etc. Knowing these requirements will help you to maximize your eligibility.

Find out the athletic requirements. They are different based on the institution (NCAA or NAIA), soccer level, and college you will play for. While applying, you must fulfill these requirements to be eligible.

Here is a short list of athletic criteria: Olympic Development Program (ODP) experience, All-American, All-State, All League/District, 3-4 year varsity starter, Team MVP, Club experience. This information is crucial for your selection by soccer coaches.

Stand out from among the millions of applicants. Last but not least, make sure you build an outstanding soccer recruiting resume, a powerful soccer video, and a convincing soccer portfolio to get discovered. The efforts you put in here are what will make you stand out and help you get the soccer scholarship you seek.

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