College Soccer Recruiting
Get Organized!

College soccer recruiting can be daunting if you don’t know the process. You have to “get organized!” to maximize your chances. Concentrate on three things: the recruiting process, your soccer talent, and your school grades.

I have started looking to play soccer in college during my high school sophomore year. My other dream was to play professional soccer in Europe. I stayed connected with College and professional soccer clubs by mails.

I thought your college soccer recruiting should be painless. I put this information together to guide you during the process. It is the best way to get a soccer scholarship.

College Soccer Recruiting

College Soccer Recruiting Process

Looking to play collegiate soccer is like applying for a job. Ask basics questions. When should I start? What tools should I have? Who should I contact? Where should I find the best school and soccer program? Etc…

Start this journey during your sophomore year of high school. Do your own research of colleges and soccer programs. You will have a great understanding of what school to attend, which soccer program is suitable for you.

Your research will allow you to create a list of potential schools. Build a long list. Do not base the choice of your schools only on their soccer program. Think about the major you will pursue in College.

Confident with your list, create a list of marketing tools to sell yourself to college soccer coaches. These marketing tools are: a soccer recruiting resume, an introduction letter to coaches, a soccer video.

Mail your soccer marketing tools to college soccer coaches. Follow-up with them. Keep in touch and make sure you communicate effectively with them. Start the registration process to the same colleges.

Understand the rules and regulations created by NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. Register with the NCAA eligibility center to establish your soccer amateur status to play in college.

Steps to Follow

- Start in sophomore year of high school.
- Do your own research. Build a list of potential schools (colleges and universities).
- Create your soccer marketing tools (soccer and academic resume, introduction letter, soccer video).
- Mail your application kit to college coaches.
- Follow-up with coaches.
- Know the rules and regulations
- Learn about NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.
- Register with NCAA eligibility center.

Soccer Talents and Skills

College soccer coaches are looking for young talented players. If you want to play in collegiate soccer, develop your soccer talents and skills. How do you go about it?

You should be playing in your high school and travel teams. Keep separately statistics of past soccer games, individual performances, upcoming schedules of both teams. College coaches will ask for them later.

Attend soccer camps of the potential schools you applied for. You will be seen by your future soccer coaches and recruiters present at these camps. So watch out. Show up your real soccer talents and skills.

Do you have your individual soccer training schedule? You should have your own training schedule. It will contribute to your college soccer recruiting.

Summarize your soccer speed, strength, velocity, skills, and statistics in your soccer resume. College coaches want to evaluate your before they decide to come and watch you playing in person.

Good Grades as Student-Athlete

Your choice of college should not be based only on soccer program. Be aware that college coaches are looking to hire applicants who present themselves as student-athletes.

It means you better have not only the soccer talents and skills, but also good grades in classes. Your overall high school GPA will have a big impact during your college soccer recruiting.

That is the case with your SAT, ACT, and TOEFL test scores. This is the academic part of your recruiting resume. The better your overall grades, the greater are your chances to get accepted by your potential schools.

Know the required core courses and the NCAA academic requirements. You may receive a partial soccer scholarship. It is crucial for you to receive financial aid to meet ends.

As you can see, college soccer recruiting is not a day task. It is a journey to your soccer dream. If you get organized, work hard, and stay committed, it is most likely you will be playing college soccer very soon.

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