Soccer Recruiting Resume
In 5 Steps

A soccer recruiting resume will help you introduce yourself to college coaches. You need to better describe your skills and talents. That is why your soccer resume is so important to receive a soccer scholarship.

The question now is what should a soccer recruiting resume include? Incorporate: a cover letter, your soccer statistics, video, upcoming schedule, and contact information.

Present the information college coaches are looking for to make a better decision. Here is a 5 steps process to put together a compelling resume.

1. Write a sizzling cover letter.
This is your chance to market yourself to a coach. Clearly describe your athletic status, strengths and skills. Explain why you are good fit to their soccer program. Summarize your soccer background: past achievements and experience.

2. Include your soccer statistics.
Do not lie or cheat about your statistics. Sooner or later coaches will know who you are. Include your physical athletic parameters: height, weight, etc. Add all data about your speed, strength, jump, velocity, resistance, etc. These are your performances on the field.

Soccer Recruiting Resume

I played as offensive midfielder. My soccer resume always includes: number of games played, goals scored per game, minutes on the field, etc. I had these data for each tournament. Do the same in your resume.

3. Add a link of your soccer video.
Your soccer video is like a teaser to college coaches. It shows your skills and invites coaches to know more about you. Therefore, the video should have two parts.

The first one contains highlights of your best games. Keep it short. Less than seven minutes. The second part should be one of your best games. I advise you to keep it no more than thirty minutes.

Upload your video to Youtube and then add a link to your soccer recruiting resume. It is easy for soccer coaches to watch you that way.

4. Give your upcoming soccer schedule.
Your soccer schedule is a kind of trap of college coaches. When they read your resume and it sparkle an interest in you, they would like to watch you in person.

So give them your upcoming soccer schedule. I can assure you that you will be happily surprised to see them at the end of your games.

5. Don’t forget your contact information.
Your contact information will help for the follow-up with coaches. Add your mailing address, phone numbers (fix and cell phone), and your email address.

Include the full address of your high school with the phone number. Coaches may need to talk to someone of your school. Give two credible references to verify your information. Your coaches of high school and travel club are your best references.

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