How to Write Your Soccer Background

Your soccer background or soccer history describes your journey as a soccer player. It presents the key moments of your soccer career. Take time to well present it to coaches and recruiters.

Think outside the box. It’s crucial to add your academic achievements and extracurricular activities. These elements increase the appeal of your background which is part of your soccer portfolio.

I used a good soccer history during my quest to professional soccer. I listed my soccer achievements, teams, tournaments, camps, showcases, and some trials.

There is a difference between soccer background and soccer recruiting resume. Let me show you how to write your background.

Contact Information

Begin by your contact information. It’s almost the same way you present contact information in a soccer cover letter. Include your full name, home address, phone number, and email address.

Remember to have a secondary phone such as your cell phone number. This will prevent to miss call from coaches. Inform your parents or guardians that you expect phone calls from coaches and recruiters.

Soccer background presents your soccer history

Present specific personal information such as your date of birth, height, weight, primary soccer position, dominant foot, country, and parents or guardians names. This information helps coaches to better know you.

Extracurricular Activities

It's important to show coaches your versatility. Detail the different extra-soccer activities you are part of. You may include other clubs such as: music, choir, basketball, gym, etc.

These activities demonstrate your resourcefulness. Coaches are willing to call back players who can take on different activities. They are usually highly energetic, and easy to adapt to new environments.

For young players who would like to move further with their soccer career, it’s helpful to always learn additional skills besides soccer. Use your spare time for a great hobby and add it to your soccer history.

Academic Achievements

Your academics shouldn’t be long in your background. Their purpose is to confirm coaches you are both a hard working student and a good soccer player.

Include your current high school or college name, address, and phone number. Give your current Grade Point Average (GPA), and your past testing scores (SAT, ACT). Provide coaches with your projected graduation year.

Academic achievements play a strong role in your recruiting process. They can give you an edge over other candidates. Therefore, get good grade to get noticed and recruited by coaches.

Soccer Background

This is the focus point of your soccer background. It should contain information such as: soccer achievements, teams, tournaments, camps, showcases, trials, etc. Describe exactly your soccer journey.

Soccer Achievements

Describe your soccer career awards, success, achievements in this section. Did you win honors? Were you appointed captain? Were you chosen player of the week or month?  What other recognitions were you part of?

Group your soccer achievements in a chronological order. Start from the currents, most recent achievements to the older. Soccer achievements are very important because they show you are always among the best players.

Soccer Teams

Coaches would like to know your previous soccer teams. You can divide them in groups: varsity, clubs, etc. Give more details for each soccer teams.

Include the name and address of the soccer teams, major tournaments and cups with each one. Do not forget the number of years of you spent with the team, your soccer career global statistics with all the teams.

Soccer Tournaments – camps

You may present your soccer tournaments, camps, showcases, trials, etc in this section. You can also choose to present them individually. It’s your choice.

Begin with the current and recent events. Present the year of the event and its full description. Add the location of the event: city and country.  Keep it simple.

Soccer Background is very important

References – Contacts

Give three good references or contacts at the end of your soccer background. Former and current coaches are your best bet. Give the name, the soccer team, and the phone number of each coach.

Your potential team’s coaches may want to speak to them. Inform them they will receive phone calls from other teams asking information about you.  Be sure you give the name of coaches who can give a positive feedback on you.

Your soccer background is an essential part of your soccer portfolio. It presents your soccer history or journey throughout the years. Take time to well organize its content.

I’m here to help young soccer players. If you are in need to write your soccer background to include in your soccer portfolio, feel free to register and contact me.

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