Amazing Soccer Talent and Music

She is an amazing soccer talent and music. She is young and talented. She plays soccer, guitar, and write her own songs. This is an inspiring story for young soccer players and Indies artists. We share it to help our young soccer promotion. Caroline is our Player of the week.

Not every day you will come across of a wonderful story of such a young girl. This story is an exception and most kids should read it. Even parents should share it with their kids.

This is the store of startling Caroline Dare.

Astonishing Music Talent

Caroline Dare is a new, up and coming singer/songwriting sensation from the state of North Carolina in the United States. She just turned 12 years old.  She has been writing and composing numerous original songs.

Young Caroline was able to record three of them so far.  They include "Someday", “A Taylor Song", and “Game On". Her first song "Someday" was inspired by a school trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe'.

Her most recent release "Game On" (video included) is about her experiences with youth soccer. She wrote the song as a tribute to those who work hard, love the game, and strive to achieve their goals.

She also hopes that it will motivate and inspire kids around the country to play the game.

All three songs have received internet radio airplay and are available on ITUNES. "Game On" is available for FREE download on her Reverbnation page (see the link below).

Caroline Dare: Young SuperStar Soccer Player, Singer and Songwriter

A SuperStar has born

Caroline started playing the guitar in April 2012. Taylor Swift has been her big inspiration. She says that when she went to her concert, she saw Taylor smile and make eye contact with her.  That was the inspiration for her to learn how to play the guitar. Oh she also loves Taylor guitars!

Caroline’s schedule is already full.  During spring and summer 2013 she will be playing in numerous festivals and events in North Carolina. She has also been selected to participate in the 2013 Texaco Country Music Showdown.

This summer 2013 she will also get back into the studio with veteran award winning producer Blake Scott. Scott says: “it’s simply amazing the talent this young girl brings to the table.  Not only she is singing and playing guitar, but writing her own material.”

Scott continue saying: “She gets very little arrangement of her songs from me; they are already put together very well when she presents them." Expect to hear big things from this young talent in the future...” (

Caroline Dare: Gamme on

Amazing Soccer Talent

Caroline is a multitalented young girl. Looking at her playing guitar and singing, you don’t think she could run. She is an amazing soccer talent too.

Caroline began playing soccer when she was just 3 years old. She spent most of her time with the Capital Area Soccer League in Raleigh, NC. This coming year, she will play on her school team.

She spends her time between school, soccer practice, and writing her own material at home. Caroline has a busy schedule. So far, she is still finding the balance by getting good grades, working hard in the pitch, creating inspiring lyrics.

Caroline is an inspiration to other kids. Visit her at:
Facebook:         /CarolineDareMusic
Reverbnation:    /carolinedare

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