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Soccer player promotion is something you build by taking daily actions. The best way to get promoted is to do it yourself. You can use different tools to reach your promotional goal. It is part of your soccer marketing.

As a young player, I ran into your very own cleats. I was always superstitious thinking at my soccer career. One day I stumbled into this thought of Jim Rhone: “Success is what you attract by the person you become”.

I learned how to get involved in my own soccer player promotion.  I found new ways, tools, and tips to sell myself. That is the purpose of Player’s corner of this site.

Player’s Profile

Open a free soccer player profile in the player’s corner.  Upload a short soccer background. Include the most significant periods of your soccer career. Your soccer background allows others to scan your player’s itinerary.

Your player’s profile includes the best short videos of your practices and games. Add a slideshow of pictures to tell your soccer story. Videos and pictures increase your visibility in the web.

Soccer Player Promotion

Interact with other young players by checking out their profiles. Sharing your experience with them and asking questions about theirs.  Exchange ideas with other players. This is one of the goals of the player’s corner.

Contact coaches, agents and recruiters. Email and ask them to check your free soccer player’s profile. Look for opportunities to connect with professional soccer teams. Do not forget to add your up-to-date contact information.

Connect with friends by inviting them to check your free profile. Send them letters and notifications about what’s new in your soccer career. Keep posted those who care about your soccer future.

Connect your free soccer profile to social media networks such as facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Let other know what you have been into. The more you connect and share your free profile, the higher your chances are to get exposed and discovered.

To open your free soccer profile, click here.

Player of the Week

This feature is one of tools to give you extra exposure in the player’s corner. Every week, one player will be voted “player of the week”. He will be featured in the home page of our site. We will highlight her/his soccer talents and skills.

His picture linked to his free profile will be active in our home page for a full week. Our goal is to help you reach your dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

Player of the week will help you to get noticed by coaches, agents, and recruiters. My team will choose two or three players. Their names will be listed for public vote in our home page.

My team will use some criteria to choose players for public vote. I advise you to upload great content to your free player profile. Add interesting videos and pictures.

Most importantly be active by sharing, connecting, contacting, inviting others to your free profile. A player of the week is chosen a week before. Open a free soccer profile to enter the vote.

Use Social Media Network

New technologies have made the world a small village. The way we are sharing information has dramatically changed today. Use social media networks to promote your soccer career.

How do you use the social network in your free soccer profile? It is easy and simple. Just invite your friends and family to check out your free profile. You can proceed in different ways.

Import your contacts from your emails. If you have different emails addresses: hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. you can import those contacts to your free profile. Ask them to help you spread the word about your soccer dream.

Invite your friends from facebook to visit your profile, share and post it on their walls. Find coaches, players, agents, recruiters who have facebook profiles. Invite them to visit your free profile in our site.

Use email listing to inform and invite friends to. You may find email addresses of people who may be interested to your free soccer profile. Why not email them to join you in our site and check out your profile?

Use twitter to spread the word about your free profile. Everything you do or create in your profile, tweet about it to inform your friend. Share the experience and invite them to join you.

Use Google+ to share your information and latest news. Once you create something new in your free profile, immediately Google+ to your circles.

You can add more social media network like myspace, youtube, etc. The goal here is to spread the word about your dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Others will surely help you to achieve that dream.

Professional Soccer Portfolio

Some of you who would like to get serious about their soccer player promotion can choose to create professional soccer portfolio. This is one of the best promotional tools you have to contact coaches, agents, and recruiters.

A professional soccer portfolio will easily sell your talents and skills. It includes your academic and athletic performances. It contains a high standard soccer video of your practices and games.

This soccer portfolio can help you to achieve different goals of your soccer player promotion. You can use it to apply for soccer scholarships, soccer camps, tryouts, etc. To get recruited by a semi or professional soccer team, you should prepare a convincing professional soccer portfolio.

Putting together the portfolio can be troublesome for most of the young soccer players. Do waste your time to reinvent the wheel. If you need help creating your professional soccer portfolio, I can help you. Just ask and contact me.

As you can see, player’s corner offers you an amazing window to promote yourself. Open a free soccer profile to get noticed and discovered. Make your free profile stands out to maximize your chances of being vote player of the week.

Young Soccer Player Promote Yourself

Get the most out of the use of social media networks to spread the word about your soccer player promotion. Share and connect with coaches, agents, recruiters through the same networks.

If you decide to move from a free profile to a professional soccer portfolio, I’m here to help and support you. I will build for you a compelling soccer portfolio to convince coaches and recruiters.

Soccer player promotion can be done without a marketing strategist. You can do it yourself. Just decide to take one micro action each day in a macro vision for the long term.

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