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Soccer coach is the lifeblood of a soccer team. His corner in this site offers free coaching, tips, and techniques. He will respond to your questions. He will explain what type of players he is looking for.

Numerous young soccer players worldwide do not have access to proper training. They are going online to watch videos, print soccer drills, and look for advices. They need real soccer marketing tools.

I opened this corner to make things easier for coaches, players, and parents. Use it to learn, connect, and share with coaches across the globe. Create real and lasting connections with them.

Soccer Coaching

Free Soccer Coaching

He is here to help you. He offers any type of training, tips, and techniques. Open a free soccer player account to connect with as many soccer trainers as you want.

He creates online easy-to-follow soccer programs such as: soccer videos training series, audio trainings, online soccer boot-camps, groups’ soccer training, printing material support, etc.

Young soccer players will attend and follow the trainings. They will apply the training and come back to share their feed-back or progress. The length of each training is up to the trainer.

The trainer will interact with young soccer players across the globe. He will use virtual training methods: Skype, audio, live chat, groups discussion, etc.

The goal of this corner is to give the same best soccer training to young players across the world. They just need to connect to the internet. For whose without home connectivity, they can use public cybercafé.

Questions to a Soccer Coach

I remember the time I was playing soccer. I had no access to the internet. I used to contact trainers only by mails. It was the same thing with soccer shows I loved in different radio stations.

This format is based on the experience I had in my career. This opportunity is for youngsters far away on the other edge of the globe. They can use internet to ask direct specialized questions to a soccer trainer of their choice.

He will take time to give a detailed response to the young player. His response will be available to all the young players with free account in the site. Questions to trainers  will become a sort of forum in the long run.

Young soccer players will interact with soccer coaches. They also can contribute by responding to a question asked by another player. The interaction will produce a wealth of ideas, and response.

Soccer Coach Is Recruiting

Soccer trainers use this window to put out recruiting announcements. A soccer team looking to recruit a young soccer player will post the ticket here.

Young soccer players interested will contact them to send their application. Young players from remote part of the world will have the same opportunity.

Some of you cannot feel the joy of a young player using this opportunity. As a former player who went through hardship, I know this virtual window will keep many soccer dreams alive.

My own dream here is to allow young players with poor working conditions to connect with the best soccer trainers and teams. There are many hidden young soccer superstars.

This window is opened to connect with them.

Soccer Coach Connections

This window is for the parents and other actors to connect with soccer trainers. They can ask questions and discuss about the soccer future of their kids.

The coach will have the opportunity to talk about the challenges he faces coaching young players. How parents can help from home to better prepare their kids for soccer practices, and games.

It will also allow soccer trainers to present his schedule to parents so they can better work together during the season. By bringing together players, coaches, and parents, I hope   creating a community of sharing experiences.

The only conditions for each player, coach, parent is to open a free profile and access these resources. I wish seeing more interaction, exchanges, and suggestions from all the participants.

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