Find a Soccer Agent
To Market Your Career

A soccer agent will help you to move up with your soccer career. Professional soccer involves different legal aspects. Young soccer players may not know all them.

Modern soccer has opened the door to a middle man named soccer agent. This guy is good and he knows his thing. It is helpful to get one and avoid mistakes. It is part of soccer marketing.

Make sure you have the market value of sought-after soccer player. The agent will maximize your commercial value. My goal is to connect you with the right one. First, what is his role?

Role of soccer Agent

His role  is to represent his player in contract or transfer negotiations. He protects his needs and presents him the best alternatives.

He is generally involved in his player career. He handles his career management, contract and transfer negotiations, finances and taxes, endorsement deals, public relations, legal and disciplinary matters, etc.

Soccer Agent

He takes care of the welfare of his players: search of the best housing, cars, banking operations, best investment options, events planning, etc.

He covers is player’s back. He constantly makes sure his player is well settled and can perform at his best in the pitch.

Why do you need a Soccer Agent?

The path to professional includes different aspects. Young soccer players will certainly need some supports to get to the top. One of these supports is a middle man between you and the new team.

This guy will take care of all aspects of your soccer career. It allows you to concentrate on your job which is playing soccer. You do not have to play and deal with other issues.

He has knowledge of what is good for you. His goal is to protect you and maximize your financial gains. He will do what is required to bring the most lucrative offers to you. He needs you to succeed because his own success is linked to yours.

They are helpful to young soccer players. Professional soccer career is short. Players are looking to make the most out of this time frame. They bring you experience in management, business, finance, law, etc.

Their role speaks itself. You need them as they need you. To move faster with your soccer career, it will be wise to get one to assist you. The most important thing is to hire the right and legal agent.

How to hire the right soccer agent?

You need a licensed one. There are fake ones out there without license. Do not hire them. They will get you in trouble. Make sure see and get a copy of his license.

Make sure you know is business address and location. Ask a list of his previous clients and talk to them and check his background and work ethic. Talk at least to two or three of his previous clients.

Do not forget to check if the agent complies with the rest of requirements related to his job. Have a conversation with him to ask direct questions.  Find out if he knows the club where you desire to play next.

Ask question about his salary. What percentage does he get out of contract and transfer negotiations? What percentage does he get out of player‘s salary, etc. Make sure you have a clear discussion with about his salary before hiring him.

Put everything in writing and check with a lawyer before signing any hiring paper.

Don’t worry I can help you. If you need one, just open a free player profile in this site. Then contact me and I will be happy to serve you.

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