3 Powerful Defensive Soccer Drills

These three defensive soccer drills are powerful. They are less known by many coaches. For using them myself in the field, I can assure you with their effectiveness.

You need to take action when your team in under pressure, or repetitive offensives. First block any new offensive from your opponent. Gain or cover enough field space to mark your team presence. Avoid taking any shots to your goal.

That is exactly the goal of these defensive soccer drills: line defense, team individual 1v1 defense, and hunter-dog defense drills. Learn how to use them with your team. You will surprise your opponents.

These three powerful defensive soccer drills are useful for youth soccer drills.

Line Defensive Drills

1. Line Defense  Drill

Goal: Set up attackers to be outside position, block their offensive, and avoid taking a goal.

Description:  Line  defensive soccer drills include all defenders of the team. They should be lined up just out of the 18 yards zone.

They moved simultaneously and quickly towards the attackers to block their offensive. One of the defenders is the leader.  He gives the signal when to start the defensive line.

Defensive Tips:I personally used this drill as a player and coach with my soccer team. It helps us to slow down the opposition offensives.

One defender, usually the central back gives a signal to all the defenders. It may be a clap, a word, and calling their names, etc. The details can be worked during the training.

One of defenders must cover the attacker controlling the ball. The other defenders move with him simultaneously to set up their opponents offside positions.

The drill requires team work from the defenders. They should move quickly towards the opposition attack and destroy their offensive.

This drill is good for young players of 10 years old and above. After hard work during the practices, they should be able to execute it during the game. 

The drill can be used for any team formations: 4-4-2, 4-2-4, 4-3-3, 5-3-2, 3-5-2- 5-4-1, etc. The only thing that matters is to practice with the players before the game.

1x1 Defensive Drill

2. Team individual 1v1 Defense Drill

Goal: Stop or block an offensive, cover the field space, deflect any shots of then opposition team. The team 1v1 defensive strategy may start at the center circle or outside the penalty arc (18 yards).

Description: This drill includes the defenders, and midfielders. Sometimes one forward may come to reinforce the team defensive strategy.

It is a one versus one defense strategy. Midfielders against midfielders. Defenders versus strikers and forwards.  All midfielders and strikers of the opposition team should be covered by players of the defendant team.

Defensive Tips: I use this defensive strategy with my team. It is one of powerful, most efficient defensive soccer drills I found in the pitch.

Use it is when you are under pressure or repetitive offensives of your opponents. Then apply the team individual 1v1 defensive strategy.

To change the course of the game, start this defensive strategy just right at the center circle. Defendant midfielders cover all opponents’ midfielders. Defenders of the defensive team cover all opponents’ strikers.

The central fullback or “Libero” is the leader of the strategy. He stands in front of the goalkeeper and sometimes just outside the 12 yards.  He is the one guiding the team 1v1 defense strategy.

When well applied, this team individual 1v1 defensive strategy is really powerful. It changes the course of the game and allows the defendant team to come back to the game.

hunter-dog defensive drill

3.  The Hunter-Dog Defensive Drill

Goal: One player is assigned to the most dangerous player of the opposition team during the game. His goal is to block, cover, control, and hunt any movement, initiative coming from that player.

Description: The defendant team assigns one of its players to the most dangerous player of the opposition team. He moves everywhere with him during the whole game.

He stands next to him. He doesn’t allow him to receive or play the ball. He blocks all of his game’s initiatives right at the start.

Defensive Tips: It may sound stupid to assign one player to control a dangerous opponent. This is one of the smartest defensive soccer drills.

The reality in the field has shown that when a mastermind opponent player is neutralized, the opposition team has few options to choose from.

Therefore if the opposition team has a dangerous player, please send a hunter-dog to get him. Do not allow him to express himself in the field.

Create a new offensive strategy with the rest of the field players. Time to time, while attacking, the hunter-dog player will come and help the team.

The best player to take on the hunter-dog role is one of the midfielders. He has the capacity to both complete the mission and help the team strategy.

If the hunter-dog seems short of strength, energy or stamina, change him immediately with another player.

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