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Youth Soccer , Issue #001 -- teaser here
January 01, 2014

Issue #01 February 09, 2013

Personal Note

Dear Valentin,

I welcomed the New Year with open arms on a warm, moonlit beach in Sayulita, Mexico. It was an enchanting evening with friends singing songs around the bonfire - there were even fireworks illuminating the waves near midnight.

My dear friend and colleague Coach Ervin was with me, and he had everyone in our yoga retreat group enraptured with her animated storytelling.

Soccer Ze, our Training Director for the Online All Youth Training Camp, lso joined us for incredible yoga classes overlooking the ocean and Mexican jungle.

One of my favorite pastimes was showering in a semi-outdoor shower with stunning views. Honeysuckle bushes enclosed half of the bathroom so there were butterflies right next to me while I bathed - amazing!

Here's to an adventurous 2013 that brings you joyful moments you'll never forget...

Valentin Bikibili
Success Soccer Mentor

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